*JAMB PROFILE CODE* To register for the 2020 UTME, candidates are required to create a profile code by sending their names to 55019 first. I have already explained how to create a JAMB Profile without issues or mistakes. However, I have noticed that some candidates are experiencing some issues in creating their profile code. This post explains some of the issues and how to resolve them. SMS Sending Failed. This is one of the issues some candidates have encountered while trying to send their full name to 55019 and create their profile code. The reasons for this could be one of the following: Insufficient Airtime Your Sim Is New You are using Airtel or Etisalat Your sim cannot send message. You are using a SIM that someone else has used to create his/her own code To resolve this issue, you first need to ensure that you have sufficient air time to send message to have at least N50 airtime on your phone. Candidates have also complained that they were unable to register with a ne

Waec Gce Timetable 2019



2019 NECO COMPUTER ANSWERS ===================================== COMPUTER-OBJ! 1BBEAEAADEC 11ACCEEADAAE 21EBAEEAEECA 31ECEEEEEEAA 41CEDEBEABDA 51DABBCBEABB ===================================== *ESSAY/THEORY* ______________________ *Number 1* (1a) *(Please Tabulate)* -Web address is the URL of your web page while Email is used to send electronic messages to each other using computer networks. -Email you can always receives electronic mails while web address is not used to receive any mails sent to you. -The email address is oftenly used in lower case while websites or web address are written in mixed letters. -Example of Web address While Example of Email address ===================================== *Number 2* (2ai) master file: Master file is a computer file that is used in collection of records pertaining to one of the main


CHEMISTRY-OBJ! 1CEDEABCCEC 11ACDCBCDCAB 21EAECBCDBAC 31BBBACCBBDD 41ACDEEACBDB 51CCEBCBBCBD ===================================== (4ai) Sublimation is the process whereby a solid changes state directly to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state upon heating (4aii) Iodine and Ammonium chloride (4b) (i) He may have conducted the experiment in a partial vacuum (ii) Addition of impurities like salt (iii) T°K = 78 +273 = 351K (4ci) (i)presence of moisture (ii)presence of oxygen (4cii) 4Al(NO3)3(s) ------> 2Al2O3(s) +3O2(q) + 12NO2(q) (4ciii) (i)sols and gels (ii)Aerosols (iii)Emulsion (4d) Using CAVA/CBVB =nA/nB 0.122*20.50/CB * 25.00 = 2/1 CB = 0.05002moles/dm^3 Using : Gram conc = molar conc * molar mass Molar mass of hydrated salt = 6.203 * 1/0.05002 =124g/mol Now; 106 + (18x)= 124 18x = 124 - 106 18x = 18 x = 18/18 = 1 SaH was NaCO3. H2O (4e) (i)the metal is potassium (ii) period 4 (iii)group 1 (iv)2k(s) + 2H2O


2019 NECO FINANCIAL ACCOUNT ANSWERS ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ OBJ 1-10:ACEEEAADBA 11-20:EECDAEBCEE 21-30:EBCDBDBBBC 31-40:CABDACEEDB 41-50:BCDCABBCDA 51-60:BDDCCBEDBD ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ SECTION A Answer 2 questions from this section (1a) (i)discount allowed means the discount which is given by a seller to the buyer. While discount received means the discount received by the seller for purchases made (ii)Discount allowed is that amount which is given by our company to others while discount received is that amount which is received by our company from others. (1b) (i)Petty cash book (ii)Cash book (iii)Returns outwards book (iv)Sales returns book (v)Purchase day book or journal (1ci) (i)An item that is entered on the wrong side of the trial balance. (ii)An item can be omitted from the trial balance. (1cii ) (i)Error of omission (ii)Error of compensation (iii)Error of principle ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


*2019 LITERATURE ANSWERS* ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Literature OBJ 1-10: BDBADCDCBB 11-20: BCEBCBAACB 21-30: EDEEDBEDDB 31-40: EBEEBDBACB 41-50: AEBEAACCBD 51-60: *SOLVING* ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ INSTRUCTION: _answer only one question from each section_ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ _SECTION A_ 4. The widowhood experiences of Yaremi, Dedewe, Fayoyin and Radeke are a miscrosm of the plight of widows in the larger Nigerian society and in the African continent as a whole. The author condemns widow inheritance, forced remarriage and other cultural practices that subject widows to pain and humiliation. ii)Loneliness: Another important theme that runs through the novel is the theme of loneliness. Yaremi was very lonely and had to do most things by herself. For instance, she had to appeal to Uncle Deyo, Ajumobi’s friend to assist in mending her leaking roof and rebuilding the walls of her house. iii)


ECONOMICS OBJ 1-10CCDACADBBC 11-20EEADABAAEB 21-30ACBBDEBDCA 31-40DADDECBCCC 41-50BABBADDAEE 51-60DEACDCABAA •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• INSTRUCTION:- SECTION A:- Answer 1 Question        ( 1 & 2 ) ======================= SECTION B:- Answer Any 4 Question        ( 3 - 11 ) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ============================                (SECTION A) ANSWER 1 QUESTION ONLY ============================ ( NUMBER 1 ) 1a) Income elasticity of demand is the degree of responsiveness of demand to changes in the income of  consumers. 1b) % changes in Qd = new Qd-old Qd/ old Qd × 100/1 =250 - 150/ 150 × 100/1 =100/150 × 100/1 = 66.67% (2 d.p) .% changes in Income = new income - old income/ old income × 100/1 = 600,000- 300,000/300,000 × 100/1 = 300,000/300,000× 100/1 = 100 If % changes in Qd = 66.67% and % changes in income = 100% Therefore: co-efficient of income elasticity of demand = %changesQd/% changes *I* (income) = 66.67